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NFT Top Tweets #23

Yuga Labs teases Otherside / Coinbase NFT is coming soon / new World of Women project teased
NFT Top Tweets #23

Cover Art: Eight by Bard Ionson

We crawled 35.000 NFT Tweets again this week. Here are the gems.

1. Yuga Labs teases Otherside

2. ApeCoin introduces $APE

3. Andrew Badr on discovering a secret NFT prize hidden by Larva Labs

4. Coinbase NFT is coming soon

5. Andrew Steinwold on OpenSea x Coinbase user base

6. Pranksy teases the new World of Women project

7. HSBC partners with The Sandbox

8. Greg Isenberg on building a digital fashion empire

9. Bender on BAYC Land sale and $APE token

10. The NFT / Metaverse landscape

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11. TIME releases the first-ever full magazine as an NFT

12. Simon de la Rouviere on building expansive NFT universes

13. Cooper Turley on why collect music NFTs

14. Rarible introduces multi-wallet profiles feature

15. Jason Choi on NFT lending

16. Nat Eliason on the next step in NFT identities

17. Jackmac on NFTs revitalizing the current DeFi cycle

18. ERC-3525 by Solv Protocol for financial NFTs

19. Mason Nystrom on the digital land debate

20. 0xKira on utility NFT cases

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