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NFT Top Tweets #8

Welcome to NFT Top Tweets! Every Monday, we bring you a curated selection of trending NFT Twitter discussions.
NFT Top Tweets #8
Image: Steve Johnson

1. Adidas Originals changes its Twitter profile pic to BAYC

2. Adidas leaps into the Metaverse

3. The Sandbox Alpha is now live

4. Pransky on the NFT auctions for WAW charity

5. Immutable and MoonPay will bring fiat on & off-ramp

6. Registration for the BAYC x MAYC Mobile Game is live

7. Budweiser launches NFT collection

8. Punk 6529 on NFT Photography 1/1s vs Print 1/1s

9. Ethereum NFTs are now live on FTX

10. Axie Infinity reaches Axie 10m milestone

11. ENS passed 500k names registered on-chain

12. Coldie & Snoop Dogg NFT drop

14. Nouns DAO contributed 169 $ETH to Gitcoin GR12

15. Economic Primitives of the Metaverse 2

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