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NFT Top Tweets #6

Welcome to NFT Top Tweets! Every Monday, we bring you a curated selection of trending NFT Twitter discussions.
NFT Top Tweets #6
Image: Steve Johnson

1. Adult Swim joking with NFTs

2. The Sandbox Alpha launching November 29th

3. BAYC x MAYC mobile game competition coming soon

4. Punk 6529 on how to secure your NFTs

5. Gary Vee on fun in NFTs

6. Nike has teamed up with Roblox to create NIKELAND virtual world

7. 3LAU shares convo with Coinbase NFT on the future of NFTs

8. NFT Metaverse aggregator Genie goes live

9. Andrew Steinwold on how NFTs are still early

10. Brave browser now has an in-built crypto wallet

11. Cryptovoxels started work on VRM Avatars

12. Rarible ios mobile app is out

13. Adidas dropping a POAP

14. NFL attaching NFTs to tickets for selected games this season

15. TIME Magazine educating readers on the metaverse

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