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NFT Top Tweets #44

🔥 Catch up on the week’s hottest Twitter debates: NFTs vs altcoins, Tornado Cash, creator royalties, is OpenSea Web3’s eBay, subscription NFTs and more!
NFT Top Tweets #44

Featured Artwork: Bass from the Refuge Collection by Blanco Art Space: a collective of artist-musicians that advocates for musical diversity.

We crawled 30,000 NFT Tweets again this week. Here are the gems.

1. Sassal.eth gets blocked after being sent ETH via Tornado Cash

2. Cantino.eth on the mega-potential of subscription NFTs

3.  Casey K. Caruso shares key insights from analysing gas consumption

4. Ryan Sean Adams pitches a crypto native country

5. Wayne Lau summarises the key NFT and DeFi takeaways from 83 episodes of Nansen Office Hours

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