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NFT Top Tweets #4

Welcome to NFT Top Tweets! Every Monday, we bring you a curated selection of trending NFT Twitter discussions.
NFT Top Tweets #4
Image: Steve Johnson

1. Axie Infinity Ronin DEX Katana is live

2. EA calls NFT and crypto games "the future of our industry."

3. Beeples HUMAN ONE on display at Christie's NYC

4. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the Metaverse

5. VP of product @ Coinbase on its NFT marketplace

6. Rolling Stone launches its first NFT cover with BAYC

7. Nike is possibly diving into the Metaverse

8. Brian Armstrong on the 6050I provision in the infrastructure bill

9. Coinbase announces new podcast "The NFT Revolution" with money

10. Andrew Steinwold on Metaverse categories

11. MetaMask now supports NFTs with IPFS-linked images

12. Punk 6529 on "Not Failing Decentralization A Second Time"

13. Matrix NFT avatars coming soon

14. MetaMask new mobile version now displays EIP 1155 NFTs

15. Larva Labs launchers 3D Meebits models

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