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NFT Top Tweets #39

Aztec launches private DeFi / ENS domain 000.eth sells for 300 ETH / Launch of new $12.5M fund Generalist Capital / Playboy is building a MetaMansion in The Sandbox
NFT Top Tweets #39

Cover Art: Eccentrics 2: Orbits by Radix

We crawled 30,000 NFT Tweets again this week. Here are the gems.

1. Montana Wong warns about a new NFT scam taking advantage of the 'degen meta' trend

2. Chinese tech giant Tencent is testing NFT avatars in its music app

3. The ENS domain 000.eth sells for 300 ETH (the second-highest ever)

4. Mario Gabriele on the launch of new $12.5M fund Generalist Capital

5. Aztec launches private DeFi on Ethereum

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