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NFT Top Tweets #26

Solana NFTs are live on OpenSea / Celer Network was integrated with Flow / Gaming NFT resources
NFT Top Tweets #26

Cover Art: The Europa Plague by Lawrence Lee

We crawled 30.000 NFT Tweets again this week. Here are the gems.

1. Solana is officially live on OpenSea

2. Cozomo de’ Medici on Deekay's "Life and Death" NFT

3. Adidas Originals teases Ozworld digital experience coming 28th April

4. Activision Blizzard is considering adding NFTs into future Call of Duty

5. Axie Infinity: Origin is live in early access

6. Lego and Epic Games are partnering to create a new Metaverse

7. CocaCola is launching Starlight NFTs on VeVe

8. 0xMert on an overview of the Solana NFT ecosystem

9. Frankie on NFT Gradual Dutch Auctions mechanism

10. 0xKanna on Starknet Gaming

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11. Jim Carey is releasing his art as NFTs

12. Piers Kicks on Immutable's NFT ecosystem

13. Celer Network was integrated with Flow blockchain, with NFT bridging coming soon

14. Cloud on a gaming and Metaverse on-chain analytics compilation

15. Gem launched the Listings Analytics feature

16. Joseph Ferrara on things to consider when building Web3 games

17. MetaKovan announced the next phase of Metapurse

18. Miles Jennings on decentralization of NFTs

19. Meet Barvadiya on Music NFT resources

20. LeftsideEmiri on using ERC-3525 in GameFi

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