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NFT Top Tweets #25

Reddit supporting NFT avatars / New "Buy NFTs with card" feature on OpenSea / Axie Infinity's Ronin Network $625 exploit
NFT Top Tweets #25

Cover Art: Deep Space Antenna by Sotuland Dreams

We crawled 35.000 NFT Tweets again this week. Here are the gems.

1. OpenSea teases Solana NFTs integration for April 2022

2. LooksRare released a new chat button in partnership with Etherscan

3. Axie Infinity's Ronin Network has been exploited for over $625M

5. Reddit has added support for Ethereum-based NFT avatars

6. Snoop Dogg launched the first music video in The Sandbox

7. Daren Matsuoka on the NFT minting sweet spot

8. Chris Cantino on NFT projects with actual utility

9. The Sandbox and Mauer NFT are raising funds for Ukraine by selling 10k flag NFTs

10. MoonPay teased "Buy NFTs with card" on OpenSea with different cards

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11. DCLBlogger on lessons from collecting NFT Art

12. Zeneca's Letter 26 on cc0, Intellectual Property, and NFTs

13. Nifty Gateway partnered with Samsung to create the first NFT platform for smart TVs

14. Mason Nystrom on play-to-earn and NFT gaming monetization

15. Visa to create a program to train entrepreneurs on NFTs

16. Omotayo on the case for Music NFTs bull run

17. Nansen's coverage of Arbitrum One NFTs

18. The Web3 social platform Showtime announced its open beta mobile app

19. Cloudxgmf on the Ultimate Gaming & Metaverse notion page

20. 104 CryptoPunks owner who canceled Sothebyโ€™s auction got $8M NFT loan on NFTfi

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