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NFT Top Tweets #24

Crypto security tips / The Sandbox integrating NFT avatars / Tips to become a Web3 founder
NFT Top Tweets #24

Cover Art: Aura by Lilya.eth

We crawled 35.000 NFT Tweets again this week. Here are the gems.

1. DCLBlogger on NFT founders giving up lately

2. World of Women launched the World of Women Galaxy collection

3. BowTiedIguana on crypto security guidelines

4. Pranksy on Doodles exhibit at SXSW

5. Budweiser on NFTBeerFest

6. Brian on how APECoin could become worth trillions

7. Watcher Guru on companies offering crypto employment opportunities

8. The Sandbox integrated World of Women and Snoop Dog avatars

9. Punk 6529 on NFTs onboarding users to art

10. Cozomo de’ Medici interviews XCOPY

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11. TLDR on the Flow blockchain

12. Darren Lau on tips to become a Web3 founder

13. Chris Brummer on the first crypto-native disclosure system for DeFi and NFTs

14. 0xPrismatic deep-diving into Treasure DAO

15. Nansen released several analytics features for free

16. Nando on Nouns DAO and Crypto Toadz discussing potentially buying/merging

17. Gem.xyz added safe mode with Flashbots to prevent paying unnecessary gas fees

18. 0xkydo on designing better financial infrastructure for crypto games

19. Jay Scambler on the future of verifiable credentials

20. Jin on the 3D Metaverse platform M3taloot

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