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NFT Top Tweets #21

New companies entering the Metaverse / Historical 101 CryptoPunks lending on NFTfi / Josie Bellini's CyberBrokers launch
NFT Top Tweets #21
Art: Bard Ionson

We crawled 30.000 NFT Tweets again this week. Here are the gems.

1. Jason Choi on the state of "Web3 Metaverse"

2. Gary Vee on supply considerations for NFT projects

3. Blockworks' list of companies to launch NFT marketplaces

4. Watcher Guru's list of big companies entering the Metaverse

5. Axie Infinity revealed Origin Back Cards

6. World of Women piece sold for 567k GBP (~750k USD) at Christie's

7. Bharat Krymo on the current state of the NFT space

8. Li Jin on the future of NFT marketplaces

9. Josie Bellini launched CyberBrokers NFT collection with fully on-chain SVG data

10. Manifold released Manifold Studio V2

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11. RTFKT Studios announced its first The Sandbox NFT drop

12. Pplpleasr announced the beta of web3 video platform Shibuya

13. XCOPY and Rudy Adler auctioned NFTs to help Ukraine's humanitarian effort

14. The Sandbox releases its Alpha 2 calendar

15. DCLBlogger on being a founder in the NFT space

16. UkraineDAO raised 2250 ETH to help Ukraine's efforts

17. Loopify on the difference between NFTs and art

18. MetaPortal launched new gaming index $GAME

19. 101 CryptoPunks used as collateral for the largest NFT-backed loan on NFTfi

20. Corleone on NFT Lending trend

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