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NFT Top Tweets #20

The latest in DeFi, music and gaming NFTs / Pixelmon failed drop / And much more
NFT Top Tweets #20
Art: Lilya

1. 0xb1 drinks BAYC Mega Mutant M3 serum

2. Pixelmon reveals low-quality assets

3. Andrew Wang announces RELI3F, a Web3 initiative to provide humanitarian aid

4. Sofia Blikstad on the Web3 landscape

5. RTFKT Studios is working with The Sandbox to turn Clones into Voxel avatars

6. Ukraine DAO launched to help raise funds for Ukraine

7. Sean Lippel on the current state of DeFi

8. NathanHead on the potential of 1/1 fine art NFTs

9. Gmrender on the purpose of Web3 NFT games

10. Dolce & Gabbana and UNXD. announced NFT collaboration

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11. Cooper Turley spotlights 10 rising music NFT artists

12. Mason Nystrom on what is the Metaverse

13. The Graph now enables the transfer of subgraph ownership with unique NFTs

14. Nansen introduced new NFT indexes

15. 0xKira on how Abacus can be a gamechanger for NFT x DeFi

16. Lore development kit for the Lootverse

17. Summary of the 2022 NFT music ecosystem

18. The first playbook to launch quality NFT projects has launched

19. Matthew Graham on unlocking value from sub-DAOs

20. MetaPortal on the current state of Crypto Gaming

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