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NFT Top Tweets #2

Welcome to NFT Top Tweets! Every Monday, we bring you a curated selection of trending NFT Twitter discussions.
NFT Top Tweets #2
Image: Steve Johnson

Punk 6529 on what is an NFT

Twitter is working on collectibles profile tab

Creaturetoadz Discord hit

Dawn of the Guilds: Settlers of the Metaverse

Forgotten Runes is launching a TV show

Polygon Studios and NFTPort partnership

Manifold is simplifying on-chain royalties

NFT1nsight releases "The NFT world: A step-by-step guide"

DCinvΞstor on NFT x DeFi

Fractional update

NFTrade's royalties contract deployed

WPeaster on tips for safely minting NFTs

DCLBlogger on Coinbase NFT demographic

Playboy launches Rabbitars NFT project

Andy8052 on NFT fractions on Fractional

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