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NFT Top Tweets #19

Welcome to NFT Top Tweets! Every Monday, we bring you a curated selection of trending NFT Twitter discussions.
NFT Top Tweets #19
Art: Victoria L

1. Foobar on the NFT exploit with OpenSea smart contracts

2. DCLBlogger on calculated NFT investing

3. Cobie on LooksRare

4. Andrew Steinwold on NFTs overtaking crypto

5. Nathaniel Popper on how realizing compelling and fun NFTs are

6. Punk 6529 on why NFTs are the most socially optimal art platform to date

7. Gem releases Sweep Mode for sweeping NFT collections

8. OpenSea on the details of the recent NFT phishing attack

9. WoW partners with Hello Sunshine to feature films, tv series, and live events

10. Mason Nystrom on the state of blockchain gaming

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11. Etherscan integrated NFT display viewer into its UI

12. The Sandbox releases Project Aurora, its first real architecture project

13. Jediwolf on how Art Blocks has started the "renaissance of art"

14. Sound.xyz releases Song Splits, on-chain and public splits and credits to tracks

15. A thesis for TreasureDAO

16. Itzler comments on current thinking on CC0 NFT projects

17. J.P. Morgan paper on opportunities in the Metaverse

18. Stella Belle on how to sell cryptoart without shilling

19. 0xRyze on how blockchain and NFTs enhance player experience

20. Greatbambin0 on NFT investment lifecycle and execution process framework

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