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NFT Top Tweets #18

Welcome to NFT Top Tweets! Every Monday, we bring you a curated selection of trending NFT Twitter discussions.
NFT Top Tweets #18
Art: Sotuland

1. Gary Vee defends the crypto space on CNBC

2. Thomas G. comments on social engineering scam he passed through

3. Invisible Friends collection announces its mint date to Feb 23rd

4. YouTube is exploring ways to integrate NFTs into its platform

5. Axie Infinity: Origin update is coming, bringing major improvements

6. Punk 6529 introduces 6529 NFT Fund

7. The Sandbox introduces a new staking mechanism on the Polygon network

8. Camibus on how to make it as an NFT artist

9. AssangeDAO acquires Clock for 16593 ETH to help Assange's defense

10. NathanHead on fine art NFTs

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11. Crypto Cannabis Club to launch the first NFT cannabis brand

12. Cooper Turley on music NFTs

13. OpenSea announces investment arm and grants ecosystem

14. DCLBlogger on NFT marketplaces arbitrage

15. Richerd on the future of media being web3 native

17. 0x650d partners to Sotheby's to create the highest profile NFT sale of all time

18. The first U.S. real estate NFT was sold for 210 ETH (~$650,000)

19. NFT marketplace aggregator Gem releases its Rarity Ranking feature

20. Oshi introduces hedsDAO, a decentralized, audiovisual community

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