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NFT Top Tweets #17

Welcome to NFT Top Tweets! Every Monday, we bring you a curated selection of trending NFT Twitter discussions.
NFT Top Tweets #17
Art: Lawrence Lee AKA NotoriousGangOfOne

1. Immutable partners with GameStop to power gaming NFT Marketplace

2. Disney has open positions for NFT expert

3. Axie Infinity's season 20 & economic balancing updates

4. Chris Cantino on the future of NFTs

5. Richerd on securing NFTs

6. Coachella music festival launches NFTs with lifetime passes

7. Decentraland releases its 2022 roadmap

8. Dmitri Cherniak created Dead Ringers Edition with proceeds to charity

9. OpenSea to upgrade smart contracts due to inactive listings issue

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11. Pixel Vault raises $100M in funding to accelerate growth

12. World of Women gets included in upcoming Christie's auction

13. "Mint with Manifold Studio" option is now available on OpenSea

14. A16z partner Sriram Krishnan on the talent migration from web2 to web3

15. Tokenproof enables proving NFT ownership without connecting to a wallet

16. Superfluid on the power of streaming to NFTs

17. Rug Radio releases its first show schedule and token launch date

18. Rarible is working on Polygon integration API data suggests

19. Flashmint for NFTs enables minting from the allowlist of any NFT

20. RightClickSave article explores in data the year 2021 for NFTs