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NFT Top Tweets #15

Welcome to NFT Top Tweets! Every Monday, we bring you a curated selection of trending NFT Twitter discussions.
NFT Top Tweets #15
Image: Steve Johnson

1. Netflix teases with NFTs

2. Twitter Blue adds NFT profile pictures functionality on iOS

3. Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard for $69bn

4. Coinbase partners with Mastercard to simplify NFT purchase experience

5. Adidas releases updates on its road to the Metaverse

6. Adam Hollander comments on the problems of Twitter pfp feature

7. Adidas partners with Prada to launch user-generated NFT project

8. Cooper Turley explores the NFT music landscape

9. Axie Infinity launches "Axie Releasing" feature

10. Lamborghini announces its NFT "Space Key"

11. XCOPY turns his NFT "Right-click and Save As guy" into public domain

12. Gucci teams up with superplastic to launch NFT collection

13. OpenSea acquires Ethereum wallet company Dharma

14. NFT aggregator Gem goes live

15. Decentraland launches new "My Store" marketplace section

16. Robotos launches its 2022 roadmap

17. TIME magazine allows to connect the Ethereum wallets to is website

18. The Sandbox launches a dedicated Twitter account for its marketplace

19. Budweiser acquires Noun 179 to feature the Super Bowl

20. Teahouse Finance proposes solutions for NFT fair launches

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