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NFT Innovation Digest #66

NFT God hacked / Robinhood launches major challenge to MetaMask / On-chain innovation comes to comics /
NFT Innovation Digest #66

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Robinhood makes a big play

What’s happening?

On January 19th, Robinhood began rolling out its new Wallet feature, which it claims will be users’ wider portal to web3, to the 1m+ people who had joined the waitlist in the leadup. It is promoting a lack of commission fees, no network fees via Polgyon, and an appealing interface for storing and displaying NFTs. At the moment, it is exclusively available on iOS mobile.

Why does it matter?

Robinhood is attempting to rival MetaMask with this new product, and has set out to “solve the challenges that many users had using competing products, which include unintuitive design and high fees” according to General Manager Johann Kerbrat. It remains to be seen whether it will be a worthy competitor and able to both seize and expand marketshare.

Sources: Decrypt, Robinhood, NFT Gators

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#1 Buy, sell, and now... shield your NFTs?

What’s happening?

Railgun and Railway Wallet have enabled a new shielded NFT system, meaning that privacy-conscious users can anonymize their NFT holdings, using Railgun’s 0zk address system. Railgun is a composable privacy system developed on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon and Arbitrum.

Why does it matter?

On the cards in the near future for Shielded NFTs will be the option to privatize Uniswap v3 positions and to obscure the buyers, sellers and prices of NFTs in sealed auctions. Longerterm, many argue that increased privacy capabilities are currently lacking if NFTs are to penetrate the mainstream and expand in active use cases.

Source: Coin Telegraph

#2 Another day, another DAO

What’s happening?

What are we all going to look like in the metaverse? Will we be upholding the same outdated and often harmful beauty standards? Gorjs, a beauty-focused DAO, is asking these big questions and aims to "Imagine a metaverse where beauty is defined not by genetic traits or physical characteristics but by the imagination and creativity of those who choose to build it."

Why does it matter?

Many DAOS set out to create change, but the jury is still out on how effectively they'll be able to do so. The aesthetics and standards that will frame our future virtual lives are also a critical area, and at risk of being determined by brands.

Sources: Gorjs, Decrypt

#3 On-chain innovation comes to comics

What’s happening?

The Shadow Monkey Cabal originated as a sub community of Hashmask collectors united by a passion for web3 and building lore, experiences and alpha. At the end of January 2023, they're taking it to the next level and dropping a comic, funded by a community grant. It will be the first ever to feature generative covers and on-chain metadata!

Why does it matter?

This is an industry and web3 first that demonstrates the power of community-building and sets a new standard for comics. Each edition will have a unique generative art cover, making them true collectibles. The release will also mark the second birthday of the now-iconic Hashmask NFTs' birthday.

Sources: Shadow Monkeys (Twitter, Discord)

#1 Get ready for NFT Paris

There is just one month to go until NFT Paris kicks off! This is an unmissable event in the 2023 NFT calendar, and the NFTID team is excited to be on the ground reporting. It takes places across the 24th and 25th of February at the iconic Grand Palais, a venue that has held significant cultural events since 1900. Encouraging the wider adoption of NFTs into the mainstream and the fostering of new and innovative brand collaborations will be on the agenda, alongside an impressive speaker list.

Speaker highlights include:

  • Erick Calderon (CEO & Founder of Art Blocks)
  • Greg Solano (Co-Founder of Yuga Labs)
  • Nelly Mensah (Head of Crypto at LVMH)
  • Frank DeGods
  • Punk 6529
  • Claire Silver

Check out the full list here.

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#2 Yuga lays down the law

What’s happening?

Yuga Labs’ founders have been outspoken for months on the topic of creator royalties (strongly in their favour) and now they’re putting this policy into action by curtailing secondary market trading of their latest NFT release: Sewer Passes.

Why does it matter?

This is a controversial move and one that impacts the ongoing marketplace wars, with popular marketplaces Blur, LooksRare, SudoSwap and NFTX all blacklisted. Of course, royalties are also a significant revenue stream for Yuga, and Coin Telegraph estimated that over $1.2M had already been generated through secondary Sewer Pass trading thanks to the enforcement 5% creator royalty fee.

Sources: Coin Telegraph, Coin Desk

#3 NFT God Hacked

What’s happening?

In the latest high profile hack, popular influencer and promotor of the 1% better everyday philosophy, NFT God, has had his NFTs and crypto drained after clicking on a sponsored google advert in preparation for live-streaming gaming content with a friend. The hackers also sent malicious emails to his entire mailing list, as well as posting links across his social media accounts.

Why does it matter?

We all need to stay vigilant, and this example proves once again that no links are guaranteed to be safe, including those promoted by Google. For the full blow by blow, check out NFT God's own account and insights from security experts in this recorded Twitter space:

Sources: NFT Evening, PC Gamer


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