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NFT Innovation Digest #44

Jose Cuervo launches a Metaverse tequila distillery for National Tequila Day / Web3 companies form the Open Metaverse Alliance / Usain Bolt partners with Step App / Barcelona FC auctions a 1/1 NFT at Sotheby's
NFT Innovation Digest #44

Cover: Shark by Victoria L

Most innovative (author's pick)

Image: ConsenSys Diligence

Leading security auditing firm ConsenSys Diligence will now offer its services in the form of 'Time-Unit Representative NFTs', or 'TURN tokens'. Each NFT represents 40 hours of auditing work by the firm and will be sold at a flat rate to buyers, who can then list them on secondary marketplaces. This move has been deemed the first example of a major company selling redeemable service NFTs.


  • According to ConsenSys' official statement: "After overwhelming demand for our smart contract auditing services, we are excited and eager to use the TURN token to encourage greater opportunity and better incentives for smart contract audit providers, as well as clearer terms, prices, and expectations for buyers. Through fair market price discovery, TURN token will be the first of its kind to quantify the immense value of smart contract and blockchain security audits."


The NFT Innovation Digest Team is excited to announce the launch of Metaverse 360! This new course covers the technical principles, history and many applications of NFTs - sports, music, gaming, collectibles, art, utility NFTs and more, as well as the essential Metaverses you should know.


  • We have a limited-time launch offer: our NFT Explorer Pack which costs $109 and includes full course access alongside premium membership of the NFT Innovation Digest. Sign up here!
  • Team plans are also available for employers who want to up-skill their teams. A number of Web3 employers including NFTfi.com and CADLabs.org, have already added the course as part of their standard team onboarding.

Most discussed

Image: Open Metaverse Alliance

A group of significant Web3 organisations unite to form OMA3: The Open Metaverse Alliance. It currently comprises of Alien Worlds, Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Space, Superworld, The Sandbox, Upland and Voxels. It will be established as a DAO and join the broader Metaverse Standards Forum.


  • OMA3 plans to focus on Metaverse-related topics such as NFT standards, protocols, interoperability, mapping and indexing. It will also promote the following core principles: transparency, inclusiveness, decentralization and democratization.

Image: Bitcoin.com

Dubai's Crown Prince announces an ambitious Metaverse strategy with the aim of adding $4B and 40,000 new jobs to the city within 5 years.


  • According to an official statement: “The strategy emphasises fostering talent and investing in future capabilities by providing the necessary support in metaverse education aimed at developers, content creators and users of digital platforms in the metaverse community.”
  • This new policy is in line with Dubai's crypto-friendly stance. It established a Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority in March 2022 which granted licenses to major crypto exchanges such as Binance.

Image: Epic Games

In light of the much-discussed announcement from Microsoft's Mojang Studios that it plans to ban NFTs on community-run Minecraft game servers, Epic Games publicly pushed back on calls to do the same. The company's stance is that NFT games will continue to be accepted.


  • CEO and co-founder Tim Sweeney made a strong statement on the matter, declaring that "Stores and operating system makers shouldn’t interfere by forcing their views onto others."
  • Minecraft's decision follows a similar ban by Steam in October 2021.

Mainstream adoption

Image: Barcelona FC

Barcelona Football Club is launching its first NFT via a Sotheby’s auction. This 1/1 NFT is a recreation of Johan Cruyff’s iconic 1973 goal against Atlético Madrid and titled ‘In a Way, Immortal’, inspired by a quote from Cruyff.


  • The 1/1 NFT has been produced in collaboration with BCN Visuals and Digital Superstudio. 4 additional NFTs will be launched, each a still image of the animated version.
  • The buyer will receive VIP benefits and experiences from the club, as well as earning the title of ‘Barca Digital Ambassador’.

Image: Retail Tech Innovation Hub

Jose Cuervo is launching a Metaverse tequila distillery on July 24th to coincide with National Tequila Day! Opening in Decentraland, the experience will take visitors through the 'Cuervo Challenge', with stops at the Cuervo Discovery Garden, Piña Pool Party, Barrel Maze, Crystal Filter Portal and The Familia Bar.


  • Users who successfully complete the experience will win a digital wearable for their avatar. Among those winners, some will also be randomly airdropped new limited edition art pieces created by Peter Tarka.

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New products and ideas

Image: Step App

Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is partnering with Step App, a FitFi platform that aims to increase its users’ everyday exercise through competitions, rewards and social activities with friends or other community members. Players are further incentivised by a ‘move-to-earn’ structure, as they can gain income from gathering in-app tokens.


  • Step App has just launched their private beta. The app is built on low-cost blockchain Avalanche and has a range of SDKs for smart contracts, NFTs and more.
  • Bolt praised the company’s ethos in a statement, declaring “I’ve said in the past that we need to aspire to inspire, and through Step App, I would love to inspire as many people as possible to live a healthier and happier life. We are just getting started!”.

Image: Zapper

Analytics platform Zapper launches its V2 with new integrations including NFT and DAO dashboards. Users can examine individual NFT collections, follow wallet activity and profile the wallet holders of different collections.


  • The new platform has over 260 Web3 app integrations and according to Zapper CEO Seb Audet, “There are very few products that bridge DeFi with NFTs and DAOs. For us, the important part is the composability and the connection between the ecosystems.”

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