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NFT Innovation Digest #34

NFT Innovation Digest #34

Cover Art: Satoshi Nakamoto by Cyberpunk Now

Most innovative (author's pick)

NFT Plazas launched the world's first automated Metaverse advertising system. The system enables users to make payments for billboard advertisements on Decentraland.


  • The feature has a simple "five-click" booking system, where brands, projects, and potential clients can be seen on a global scale and plug directly into the Metaverse.

Most discussed

Image: Meta

Meta has launched Digital Collectibles to showcase NFTs on Instagram. The feature is currently available for selected U.S. users. Instagram will enable users to connect a digital wallet, share NFTs, and automatically tag creators and collectors.


  • According to Meta, the feature should be viewed as a pilot project designed to learn about community engagement and the user experience;
  • Instagram's NFTs will support Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow blockchains;
  • Mark Zuckerberg announced that the functionality will also be available on Facebook in the near future.

Image: OpenSea

OpenSea's discord channel was hacked in a phishing scam in the latest security breach. The Scambots used the YouTube NFT art link to make users click on the malicious link.


  • The bot claimed in its announcement on the discord channel that both YouTube and OpenSea joined forces to debut the "YouTube Genesis Mint Pass".

Mainstream adoption

Image: Manchester City

Manchester City and PUMA launched their first NFT collaboration. The collection is an homage to the iconic 93:20 goal scored by Sergio Aguero, released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the club's first Premier League title.


  • The digital artist Musketon has created the artwork for the collection;
  • The artwork also features PUMA’s ULTRA Football Boots, which will be released on Friday 13 May as part of the 93:20 celebrations. The boots have been designed with the same color palette as the original PUMA v1.11 football boots that Aguero was wearing.

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New products and ideas

Image: Sony

Sony partnered with Theta Labs to launch 3D Augmented Reality NFTs designed to use with Sony's Spatial Reality Display (SRD) to create mixed reality experiences without hardware. The NFTs will be available on ThetaDrop, Theta Labs' NFT marketplace.


  • SRD is a 3D display of semi-augmented reality images that allow users to manipulate objects without AR glasses.

Image: Flow

Flow blockchain introduced a $725M ecosystem fund focusing on Web3. The fund, which gets invested by a16z, Coaute, and Union Square Ventures, will support teams to build products on Flow in areas like infrastructure, DeFi, and gaming.


  • “We are thrilled to see such a strong vote of confidence in the Flow ecosystem from some of the world’s leading investors in Web3 through their commitment to this Fund. With their active participation and support, the Ecosystem Fund has the opportunity to become a real game-changer for the 7500+ strong and fast-growing developer community in the Flow ecosystem.” said Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs.

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  • Web3 and Metaverse: Two Different Concepts or One In the Same?: This article by Rangers Protocol explores the difference between the concepts of Web3 and Metaverse, and their divergences and overlaps.

New podcasts and shows

  • Zima Red: In this episode, Andrew interviews Michael Sanders, co-founder of Horizon, the company behind the game Skyweaver, a free-to-play trading card game enhanced by Web3;
  • NFT Now: In this episode, Tulip and Poopie, two of the co-founders of Doodles, one of the most popular PFP NFT projects, talk about the importance of building community through in-real-life events, how the Doodles DAO ecosystem functions, and the founders' longterm vision for the project.

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  • 20th - 23rd June: NFT NYC is the leading annual NFT event, don't miss it!

NFT space in numbers

The values below are from 7th - 13th May. Source: DappRadar.

Top Marketplaces

Marketplace Blockchain Volume Traders
OpenSea ETH, POL $551.93M
LooksRare ETH $335.52M
Magic Eden SOL $78.14M
CryptoPunks ETH $7.39M
NBA Top Shot FLOW $3.5M

Top Sales

NFT Collection Price
Bored Ape Yacht Club #17 Bored Ape Yacht Club $1.12M
410 ETH
"beyond" - $700.99k
297.2 ETH
Chromie Squiggle #133 Art Blocks $621.03k
229 ETH
Bored Ape Yacht Club #1725 Bored Ape Yacht Club $588.33k
250 ETH
Otherdeed for Otherside #48882 Otherdeed for Otherside $550.43k
204.96 ETH

Top Collections

Collection Volume Traders Sales
Terraforms* $151.43M
Otherdeed for Otherside [NEW] $102.15M
Azuki $82.78M
BEANZ Official $62.01M
Bored Ape Yacht Club $33.94M
Mutant Ape Yacht Club $32.68M
Doodles $20.4M
Moonbirds $19.78M
Art Blocks $17.45M
Invisible Society XYZ $13.97M

*Most of the sales in the collection occurred on the LooksRare marketplace and may be the subject of wash trading.

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